Our #TrustLeaders Partners 

Our Partners

You can find out more about Forum Strategy’s partners below.


The Key (resources for school leaders)

The Key provides up-to-the-minute sector intelligence and resources that empower education leaders with the knowledge to act. Our vision is to be an indispensable partner to education leaders determined to make a difference.

Papillon Communications (media & communications)

Papillon Communications work with market leaders to inform opinions and build reputations. We’re not limited to standard procedures or practice – our strategies will take you wherever our imaginations allow. Our focus is always on what works. We aim to deliver results that can be measured and will contribute to business success.

Satis Education (executive recruitment)

Satis Education – consultancy, recruitment and support services provided by people who care about education.

Schools Advisory Service (wellbeing & insurance)

SAS are the chosen provider of over 4,000 schools and academies across the UK. Making us the UK’s most trusted provider of staff absence insurance.

Henwood Court

“Our purpose is simple. It is to be our clients’ and their families’ lifetime trusted financial partner, counsel and expert. Our job is to improve our client’s financial performance and well-being, giving our clients the financial confidence, capability and encouragement to live the life they want to live today and in the future.”

Wrigley's Solicitors

Wrigleys is deeply committed to the education sector and advise hundreds of schools, colleges, academies and other education institutions.