Leaders In Conversation – #MATLeaders resources

The first series of Leaders In Conversation features ‘in depth’ interviews with three standout leaders from three different sectors. The films will be published during November and December 2018 and will be used as part of Forum Strategy’s training and development for CEOs and senior leaders within multi-academy trusts and other organisations. The themes explored include the need to distribute leadership successfully, the role of research and innovation in organisational improvement, leading through austerity, and the importance of generating social and professional capital. To learn more about our ongoing networks and training for CEOs, please visit: CEO networks

Episode 3 (16th December, 2018): featuring a multi-award winning entrepreneur and CEO of one of the UK’s 100 fastest growing businesses: Kate Lester

Episode 2 (25th November, 2018): featuring a leader from the army and charities sector: David Strudley CBE

Episode 1 (Available 4th November 2018 – 31st December 2018): Marie-Claire Bretherton, Kyra Teaching School Alliance 

Episode 3 (16th December 2018): featuring a leader from a nationwide business