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Policy roundtable & paper: inspection of multi-academy trusts

Policy Roundtable: The role of Ofsted in the inspection of multi-academy trusts

Date: Wednesday 17th January 2018, 9.30am – 3pm (lunch provided).

Venue: The Great Hall, Archbishops Palace, Southwell Minster, Southwell, Notts

Forum Education is committed to ensuring that multi-academy trust leaders, trustees and other practitioners have an influential and constructive voice in the successful development of the MAT system, to the benefit of all children and young people it serves. Forum Education runs four regional MAT Leaders networks and our policy roundtables are designed to use that base for providing practical and informed policy recommendations to help inform government policy and MATs’ development.

Our previous roundtable event in July 2017 focused on the recruitment and training of trustees and the full report can be accessed here: http://www.forumeducation.org/policy-roundtable-paper-recruiting-retaining-september-2017/ . The report, which provided a range of recommendations to government and to MAT leaders, received widespread engagement and was also covered in Schools Week: https://schoolsweek.co.uk/how-to-improve-academy-trust-governance/

Our next roundtable event will take place on 17th January 2018, and will focus on the role of Ofsted in the inspection of multi-academy trusts. This is timely as only this week HMCI indicated that Ofsted would welcome the ability for Ofsted to do inspections of whole MATs – feeling that the current ‘batched inspection’ model is limited (see our briefing on batched inspections here: MAT Development: What is a focused inspection and what is Ofsted looking for?). This statement by HMCI follows on from Ofsted’s recent five year strategy paper which stated that: “In the coming months, we will work with the Department for Education to develop new approaches and expertise to allow us to better scrutinise education, training and care structures, including at the multi-academy trust level, as well as individual schools.”

Places at our roundtable will be offered on a first come – first served basis, to members of our four MAT Leaders networks. The roundtable will cover three key questions in depth:

What should a MAT inspection framework seek to cover?’

‘What should the inspection of MATs look like in practice and who is best placed to inspect and pass judgment on MATs?’

‘How can we ensure that MAT inspection is informed by best practice – from within and beyond the sector – in what is a new and rapidly evolving system?’

We will be joined at the event by Matthew Purves, Deputy Director for Education Policy at Ofsted, who is leading the MAT framework development work for Ofsted.

A report will be published – following further consultations with MAT CEO members across our networks – in March 2018.

To book onto this session, please email us at [email protected]

November 5, 2017