Million Minutes is seeking an exceptional candidate for the role of Director/Chief Executive Officer to lead us into the new decade, with our renewed vision to reach thousands more young people across the country. Our new CEO will lead our small staff team, with support from our committed Board of Trustees and dedicated volunteers.


We want young people to know that society needs them and that the Church needs them. They should know that their energy and vibrancy are valued and that others have faith in them to change their world. For this to be realised we need a Church committed to making a real change for young people. This means making young people a priority and taking real time for them. So, inspired by Pope Francis’ vision – put forward in his letter on youth, Christus Vivit– we work to inspire, accompany and equip the Catholic community to reach out to more young people and to support them to be the means of change in their lives and world.

Million Minutes is a small charity with a small enthusiastic staff team and committed volunteers, still led by our founding voluntary CEO. We now need to move into the next stage of development by increasing our capacity to ensure we can grow and sustain our activity. We first plan to expand the team by recruiting a full time CEO.

About Our Activity

Launched in 2010, Million Minutes works to create a world where all young people enjoy a life of dignity and are accompanied to discover and fulfil their purpose. We know that the treasure of Catholic social teaching (CST) is ideally placed to inspire and underpin young people’s participation in the world. So, we have developed new ways to educate and engage young people with CST and social action, alongside celebrating their contribution to society:

  • the ‘Courtyard Project’ puts CST into action, educating and resourcing parishes to use detached youth work to reach local young people. Parishes then accompany and support young people to discover how they can transform their lives and the world.
  • our small grants scheme awards grants to CST-inspired youth action. All the money raised by siLENT (see below) is awarded in small grants (usually £200-£1000).
  • the Celebrating Young People Awards enable the Catholic community to honour young people who exemplify CST. In four years we’ve celebrated nearly 1000 11-25yr olds.
  • siLENT– sponsored silence – is a way for people to discover a tradition of the Church and to take a stand for young people without a voice. It raises money for the small grants fund.

The new CEO will lead on implementing our three year strategy to provide more support for the Church`s mission to young people.

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