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MAT Senior Leadership Team Development Programme


Our two day (12 hour) bespoke programme for individual MAT senior leadership teams draws on up to date research and analysis, our deep knowledge of education policy and change, and our extensive experience in providing support and consultancy to MATs across England, not least through Forum Education’s four regional MAT CEO networks. We also draw upon Forum’s extensive bank of case studies, resources and materials to support your team’s learning across all key aspects of MAT development.

This bespoke programme provides MAT SLTs with ‘the space’ to reflect – together – on their vision and how well it is embedded across the organisation, the sustainable development of their trust (based on our five key development areas for MATs: Five key development areas for MAT sector in 2017/18), and key actions for the next stage of their journey.

The programme’s second day also provides senior teams with facilitated reflection time, encouraging team members to reflect on core leadership behaviours and values, how they model these to others in their day to day work and leadership, and how – as a team – they can further develop these traits.

The programme is delivered either at our training centre in Southwell ( a minster town in the heart of Nottinghamshire and just 20 minutes from the A1 and 30 minutes from the M1 ) or at your MAT’s head office.


Considering the core traits and behaviours of a successful MAT leadership team, including:

  • Trust
  • Consistency
  • Adaptability
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Collaboration

Trust SLTs choose one of the six areas to consider indepth over the course of the final afternoon, reviewing the key behaviours and traits for demonstrating these as a team. This element is delivered with reference to research, case studies from other sectors, and with specific reference to both the leadership of MATs and general education policy. SLTs consider their strengths and weaknesses and strategies for self-improvement.



The programme is led by Michael Pain. Michael has supported dozens of MATs with their growth and development, led the establishment and delivery of four regional MAT CEO networks, designed a MAT to MAT peer review programme, and written extensively on MAT issues including for publications such as Schools Week and Education Executive. Michael was formerly Head of Policy and Public Affairs at the National College for School Leadership and is founder and CEO of Forum Education. Michael has also established an acclaimed annual national new headteachers conference, which has been running for three years.



“Thank you for the training you delivered this week. As somebody who is new to MATs, I was able to gather a great deal of relevant and useful information in order to develop my knowledge and thinking. I really appreciated the opportunity to be part of the training days and found them invaluable.”

Rebecca Baker, Executive Headteacher and National Leader of Education, Dunstable

““The day was a rare opportunity to return to the basics of why we do what we do and how this then leads into action – this immediately erased any school boundaries and created a united group who were focused on the greater good and how as a group of teachers and schools we can make this happen. The ideal place to begin. The event created common goals and a shared vision that is potentially now going to lead into a larger MAT with a strong common purpose and a group of leaders who have all contributed and bought into the future of our Trust”.

Tracy Cockram, Infinity Academies Trust



The cost of this programme is £2000 plus VAT.



To apply for this programme, please email us at [email protected]



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